Audio consultant, innovator, designer and inspirational speaker.

Brun Audio Consulting



I am a consultant with over 35 years’ experience in audio engineering. I can help you innovate new services, optimise your facilities, systems and workflows and I also deliver inspirational talks and lectures. I am currently working on audio objects for next-generation TV and helping the people of South Sudan sustain community radio stations in very challenging circumstances.

My career began with valve mixing desks and progressed through analogue multi-track studios at the BBC Maida Vale studios to early file based production in the Radiophonic Workshop.

More recently, I have designed radio drama studios, created exciting new online experiences, managed the delivery of outside broadcast vehicles, playout systems and broadcast infrastructure. I invented the BBC Radio 3 “HD Sound” streaming service and have taken radio beyond stereo, leading delivery of all the BBC Proms Concerts in surround sound.

I am a member of the Institute of Professional Sound and the Audio Engineering Society and speak at international conferences. If you need to take advantage of the latest developments in audio technology, I can probably help.



4K TV at BVE

I spoke on a panel at the Broadcast Video Exhibition in London in February. I explained the danger of the industry “more mentality”; more pixels, more colours, more frames per second, more dynamic range. I don’t hear the audience asking for more of any of these, but they do want to hear the dialogue! I explained why the biggest benefit of next generation TV will come from personalised audio. You can read more in my BVE Blog

Trip to South Sudan

Imagine living somewhere with no newspapers, telephones, mobile phones, internet, TV or radio. How would you know what was happening beyond the people you meet? This is the situation faced by many people in South Sudan, the world’s youngest country. I’m excited to be going there in March, to work with their engineers on a project to provide 7 community radio stations. The scale of the problem can be judged from the fact that 2 of the 7 are currently off air due to conflict.  Read more at Internews.