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This web site contains information about the holiday destinations my wife and I have visited, together with some photographs. At the foot of this page you will find links to more of my photographs on Flickr as well as links to my Linked In profile and Twitter feed.


Photography and I

My Father was a forensic photographer and I have handled cameras since I could walk. One of my first memories is using my father's Pentax “Spotmatic”, back in the very early 60’s. My first camera was a Kodak Instamatic 133X and I later progressed through coupled rangefinder cameras to 35mm SLRs. My last film camera was a Mamiya 645 Pro.


I have always been enthusiastic about new technology (I am currently Head of Technology for BBC Audio & Music) and inevitably I was an early adopter of digital photography, buying a Sony Mavica with a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels and a floppy disk drive. I have since parted with all my film cameras except a Pentax Spotmatic and Olympus OM4Ti with prized 50mm f1.2 lens. After many years using Lumix cameras I became frustrated with the dreadful viewfinder of the GH3 and the lack of dedicated control dials for important functions; I currently use a Fuji X-T1 together with half a dozen lenses. Many of the photographs on this site were taken with older digital cameras.


For many years I used an Olympus C50 and underwater case when snorkelling, then a Canon D10 but I currently use a Lumix FT3. As I use a snorkel not scuba gear I find taking pictures beneath the waves rather tricky - when snorkelling, you bob to the surface as soon as you stop swimming; fortunately a large memory card in the camera and regular use of the “delete” button allow me to get the occasional good shot - probably fewer than one in a hundred!


About Me

I am married to Jan and we live in Kent, England. We enjoy holidays in the Mediterranean and most of the photographs on this web site are holiday snaps, with thanks to Jan for her patience whilst I try to get the “diamond” shot! I have provided information about the places where we have stayed which I hope you find useful.



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