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Brun Audio Consulting Ltd can help with a wide range of audio and broadcast services, some examples are given below. 


Innovative thinking can obviously be be applied to the services you deliver to your audience, but it is also important in every aspect of your business. I have a solid track record of  innovation in broadcasting, from improved maintenance processes to award winning services such as the audibility experiment from Wimbledon shown in the picture.

The Wimbledon Audibility Experiment

Systems & Technical Architecture

I have examined the technical architecture at a number of broadcasters and created strategies to enable them to deliver richer audience experiences. A fresh set of eyes can help you see what you need to prioritise in order to deliver more with less effort. I'm also able to review your resilience and disaster recovery capabilities.

Inspirational Speaking

I have spoken at many conferences including Audio Engineering Society conventions in the USA and Europe, at three BVE exhibitions in London and at the European Broadcasting Union in Geneva, Switzerland. In my spare time I am a STEM Ambassador, encouraging young people to consider careers in audio engineering.

Creative Spaces

Ruper Brun in the BBC Radio 2 studios

I have designed and delivered many studios, from rock and pop studios to drama studios, including the BBC Radio 2 studios shown in the picture. I can help you avoid expensive mistakes if you involve me early enough in the design process, and help you select the specialists you will need.

Acoustic Performance Measurement

I can now offer measurement of acoustic isolation, background noise level, reverberation time and many more parameters using a Class I calibrated microphone and meter. My experience enables me to offer advice for any type of studio, and I can even help with the quality of "audio from home" for those working away from the studio.

An NTi Sound Level meter showing audio spectrum

Workflow  Optimisation

Doing the right tasks, in the right order. It sounds simple but over time, the way we do things tends to evolve to meet changing needs. Often broadcasters end up with complexity that isn’t needed, and a fresh approach can simplify things to enable greater agility and save money without sacrificing quality.

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