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Some of my clients and partners are mentioned below. Why not join them?

Fraunhofer IIS Logo

I work with Fraunhoer IIS to promote the use of MPEG-H Next Generation Audio in broadcast TV. This technology allows the viewer to personalise the sound, the ability to adjust the loudness of the dialogue relative to the background music and effects is the most useful application. 

BBC Logo

I worked at The BBC for 35 years and have provided consultancy services since I left in 2015

Virgin Radio Logo
talkSport logo

I have provided a range of consultancy servies to The Wireless Group, who own Virgin Radio  and TalkSPORT in the UK.

Internews Logo

I worked at The Radio Community and Eye Media in South Sudan, delivering radio stations in hostile environments.

Global Radio Logo

I have provided advice on internet streaming strategy to Global Radio

Thum+Mahr logo

Thum + Mahr offer a consultancy, design and project management service. They are also UK agents for a number of technology companies including DHD and Yellowtec. Contact me if you need help designing your facility or would like a quote for a mixing console, router or complete solution to your broadcast needs. Through the parent company Broadcast Solutions we also offer the outstanding monitoring and control system, hi.

DHD audio consoles offer three modular layers, control surfaces, processing cores and input / output modules. There are many thousands in use across the world, mainly at broadcast facilitieis

Hi Logo

hi human interface has auto-discovery and zero-config technologies. hi human interface significantly reduces installation and configuration efforts. hi human interface uses a graphical user interface that provides simple control and monitoring even of complex infrastructures and is intuitively familiar to users of typical mobile devices.

University of Portsmouth logo
Ravensbourne University Logo

I have delivered lectures on the future of audio and broadcast engineering at universities. I have given presentations at Audion Engineering Society conventions and at the European Broadcasting Union adn the Digital Television Group, where I work on accessiblity.

Digital Television Group logo
Euroradio EBU logo
Audio Engineering Society logo
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